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Paul Mengert: AMG (Association Management Group) is About Education

September 23, 2018

The key reason Paul Mengert, AMG (Association Management Group) CEO, decided to found that esteemed firm in 1984 was because he considers his entire life to be in service to both education and community. In fact, it was his commitment to the community in which he was born and raised that led him to establish the firm in Greensboro, North Carolina. After all he majored in both Political Science and Communications at the University of North Carolina well before that and he has taught numerous courses in his role as part of a Management Development Program for Harvard Business School Alumni Association of nearby Charlotte, North Carolina.

As if he needed more to show his commitment to education, it’s instructive to note that many of the instructors for these classes are experienced company executives, including some managing partners, presidents, and even CEOs. That is because Paul Mengert believes that experience is the best education and that passing on experience is very important. One reason Paul has become such a respected leader in the homeowners’ association management industry is because he focuses on the best education possible.